There are several universities in our network who provides sorts of scholarships

China- Most of the Universities in China which provide scholarships from 50-100%, also free accommodations and tuition fee.
Types of Scholarships: Conditional and unconditional
Providers- State Government- China Government Scholarship, Provincial Scholarship and Russian Federation Scholarships are available
India- Although most of the universities are private but they provide 30-80% tuition fee scholarships as per results and T/C
USA/Canada- If student apply through applyboard application systems, they might have an opportunity to get some 20-40% scholarships from different universities in some cases application fees are waived for the specific time period.
UK/ Other European Universities- As per student language test result and other credentials help them to get good amount of scholarships and fee waiver
German/Finland/Norway- are free of tuition basis on student’s credentials